We envision a world in which Cannabis and other natural homeopathic therapies are readily accessible and socially supported. They will be legally protected and regulated in a manner that is consistent with the highest standard of care. Those who use, produce and distribute these medicines will be free from legal, social and political sanctions. We will each take responsibility for our individual, collective and environmental health while honoring the diversity in each other and in the natural world.



The work we do at California Artisanal Medicine (CAM) and the services we provide are a reflection of these core values: Compassion. Compassion has called to take advantage of our new president who is finally ready to address the issue of medicinal marijuana and the availability for those in need. Cannabis is an important therapeutic plant that must be readily accessible. Cannabis provides effective relief for persons living with critical and chronic illnesses such as Cancer, HIV, Glaucoma, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic pain and anxiety. Cannabis is also an effective harm reduction tool. Alternative Solutions . We plan to provide Cannabis and other natural therapies because they are important alternatives to some of the potentially harmful tools of allopathic medicine. We utilize consensus decision-making as an alternative to hierarchical structures because consensus empowers the individual and the community. We serve as a working model of these alternative solutions. ManagedHealth Care.



The individual is the primary authority when it comes to making personal health care decisions, including the decision to use Cannabis medicinally. The individual must also have the right to produce their own medicine and access it in a manner that best meets their needs. Empowerment encourages the individual to take control of his or her own healing.With so much attention on health care, we offer the patient to choose how they manage their illness. Natural therapies are an effective alternative or compliment to allopathic medicine. Natural therapies must be available to everyone who would choose to make them part of a healthy lifestyle–not just to those who can afford them.We provide and advocate for access to a wide variety of cannabis strains, methods of delivery and models of distribution. We do not engage in research that involves animal testing, nor would lead to patenting of life forms.

Here at CAM we pride ourselves on the best product for the best price

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